On the Prowl | Bids!

Director’s Note


Bids are up! (Read below for more.) The dress for the boardroom is nice casual on Friday (Polos and jeans) and Saturday will be Business Professional. Additionally, in order to get ready for No Frills, follow the following steps:

  1. Ensure your school is affiliated with NACURH
  2. Download all bids, legislation, agendas
  3. Read bids and legislation
  4. Submit Bid Review Sheets for all bids in your respective boardroom
  5. Ensure your school is ready to pay for No Frills 2014
  6. Bring signed liability waivers to the conference.

Please let me or any member of the SEC know if you have any questions!

Leading Our Universities In Excellence,

No Frills 2014 Bids

Here are the links for No Frills bids...

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On The Prowl | Jan 21

Director’s Note


DO YOU INTENT? Remember that bid intents are due on TOMORROW, January 22, at 6 PM EST. Please notice that these are required for all bidsand that pre-bids are not required but encouraged this year. Check thebidding timeline for more information.

For the Pride,

POY 2014

The National Board of Directors (NBD) met at the Semi-Annual Business Meeting at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire January 2-6, 2014 and selected a Program of the Year (POY) winner.  I am pleased to announce the recipient of the 2014 NACURH/ACUHO-I Daniel Siler Program of the Year award is:
The University of Pittsburgh’s bid soon will be available on the NACURH website (http:...

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This is an update on our legislation MM 14-09! We are now in a discussion period but questions may still be asked! See below for the format for Q&A and discussion.

Special Email Legislation

Hello everyone! Below is a piece of legislation that we are going to entertain through email. SAACURH has not entertained email legislation since before I was an NCC and not since the email legislation portion of the constitution was changed. This section will explain the process for the legislation that we will use. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Through email,

From the Constitution

Email legislation shall take place at the discretion of the Regional Director.

  1. The chair shall prepare and distribute email ballots to the SAACURH-L regional l...

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Parli Pro Training

Prezi is below, here is the quiz.

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Case Studies

Hey SAACURH! See the attached for information about the case studies for SAACURH 2013.

Case Study Form


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Bids are Up

Bids are up!

All bids have been uploaded to the website and are now open for viewing. Legislation and bids for SAACURH 2014 will be up next week but since we could get this ready, we’ve decided to release it early!

There are a few very important notes for how business will be conducted this year:

  • Schools must be affiliated fully before check-in. You may bring your affiliation check to check-in. Note that you must have affiliation completed or in “awaiting payment”  status before October 20th else your school will be charged an extra $10 per delegate. (This will not be reversed if you affiliate after this date.)
  • All voting representatives must complete the very short training on parliamentary procedure. This will be released in On the Prowl onOctober 8th...
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Case Study Survey

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Fall Bid Intents

Bid intents are to be submitted here. They are due September 10.


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On the Prowl | July 23


Monthly Report:

Each month, the SEC will publish our accomplishments and goals to the region, you can find the month of June here.

Parli Applications

The last call for all parli applications will be this Friday at noon! The application can be foundhere. If you are unable to finish your host school acknowledgement  form before then, please reply to this email and explain the situation.

Summer Summit

The SEC will gather at ECU this weekend with theSAACURH 2013 staff. If there is anything you would like for the SEC to discuss, please reply to this email with the topic.

NACURH Committees

The application to apply for a NACURH standing committee can be found here...

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On the Prowl | July 16

Summer Summit

If there is something that you would like the SEC to discuss while at East Carolina University in two weeks, please reply to this email with the topic.

Special Projects

The SEC is working on special projects in thefollowing areas:

  • SAACURH Branding
  • Award Structure Review
  • Conference Attendance Guide
  • School Resource Database

If you would like to contribute to these projects, reply to this email and include which ad-hoc committee you would like to help with.

NACURH Committees

The application to apply for a NACURH standing committee can be found here. The applications are due August 1st and please email myself if you have any questions.

Finance Report

You can view the June Financial Report here...

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